Gerakan Guaman Rakyat offers free legal service for students in #Lawan protest

KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 – While hundreds of young activists and students participated in a peacefully rally #Lawan Protest in the city today despite warnings from the police, a lawyer from Gerakan Guaman Rakyat says it will offer pro-bono legal service for any students detained during the protest.

Malaysian police earlier this week warned against today’s protest, saying that no gatherings will be allowed during the ongoing pandemic, citing Section 10 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act (Act 342).

Under the Act, no assemblies or gatherings are allowed.

Police have said that it will take action against the organisers and protestors.

Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters comprising young activists and students had turned up the Dataran Merdeka earlier in the day, to protest the government’s handling of the pandemic and sought the resignation of several leaders.

Speaking to Weekly Echo, M. Jay Raj Muresh, from Enlight Malaysia and a Legal observer with Gerakan Guaman, said he was was present at the rally not to participate but to be present for the young students who might be called for questioning or charged by the police.

— WE.