GE15: PH to continue its housing solutions for the poor

Flats in the city. For illustration only.

PETALING JAYA, Nov 7 – Continuing the solutions it had initiated to tackle housing woes among the poor, as well as first time buyers during its rule, are some of the plans Pakatan Harapan expects to do should it win the 15th General Election.

These would include taking over the management or maintenance of low cost flats to provide the residents a better standard of living, said DAP’s candidate for the Bukit Gasing state seat, Rajiv Rishyakaran during a press briefing here on PH’s election manifesto on housing issues.

Currently, the public flats are in deplorable conditions as they are not managed well, lights and lifts are not in working conditions in some places with people living in dark and dinghy spaces, he said, adding that people deserved to live in better conditions.

He said if the government can take care of the road conditions in front of landed houses, it should be able to take care of the corridors of the low cost flats too.

The parties under the PH umbrella have all come together and agreed on these housing policies and hope to able to implement them should they come into Federal power, Rajiv said.

He said the PH government in 2019 had also allocated funding of RM1 billion under its budget to help first time buyers to get financing to own their first home.

Many first time buyers were not able to buy their houses as banks had rejected their applications and this scheme was initiated for such buyers but this was discontinued following the fall of the PH government, he added.

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