Gaza death toll rises to 1,569 while 7,212 injured

Photo of Gaza courtesy of United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

GAZA, Oct 13 (Bernama-WAFA) — In the wake of the devastating Israeli bombardment of the Palestinian enclave in Gaza and the West Bank, the death toll has surged to 1,569, with 7,212 individuals injured.

The Palestinian Health Ministry stated in a brief release that the number of deaths in the Gaza Strip has reached 1,527, while the death toll in the West Bank has also risen to 32.

Of the injured, a total of 190 of them have been hospitalised, reported Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA). 

The ongoing Israeli offensive has brought immense suffering to the Palestinian population, especially in the Gaza Strip, with casualties, particularly among innocent children and healthcare workers, increasing around the clock.