Focus on matters like the people’s welfare, economy rather than what a minister eats, drinks – Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii

File photo of Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii.

KUCHING, Jan 8: Those criticizing public figures like ministers should be focusing on more important matters like the welfare of the people, jobs and economy in order for all Malaysians to move forward rather than on petty issues like what the minister eats and drinks, says Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching Kelvin Yii.

In a statement issued here today, he said critics should be scrutinising the ministers for their policy direction and performances in their ministry and not be “too caught up in divisive and extreme sentiments” to the point of questioning their right to eat and drink non-halal items.

“This is clearly malicious with intent to divide our multicultural and multireligious society.”

He also said that as long as the actions do not interfere with the minister’s capacity to do his or her work and carry out their duties, it shouldn’t be up for debate.

He also urged members of the Opposition parties to be responsible and raise legitimate issues that would be in the interest of the people especially related to the minister’s performance in the government and the policies being brought to them.

This will be constructive and also provide the check and balance needed in any healthy democracy, he said.

The MP’s statement comes in the wake of recent negative comments on Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Tiong King Sing, who is said to have consumed alcohol and pork in his office.