Fire at Kayu Madang landfill almost extinguished

KOTA KINABALU, March 29: More than 97 per cent of the fire at the Kayu Madang landfill here has been extinguished on the fifth day of the operation yesterday, said Sabah Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Senior Operations Commander Ordine Gilu.

He said the fire-fighting operation involved an area of ​​10,287 square metres divided into four sectors, namely A, B, C and D, to facilitate the operation.

He said the remaining area yet to be extinguished covers 1,257.3 square meters, which is in sectors A, B and C.

The fire in Sector D has been completely extinguished, he said, while in Sector C (95 per cent), sector B (99 per cent) and sector A (95 per cent).

“The fire involved waste from the disposal of used tyres at the waste disposal site which has an area of ​​45,700 square metres.

“The fire-fighting operation on the fifth day used Fix Monitor Fire Fighting equipment together with High-Performance Pump Module machinery by using open water sources and 14 barrels of fire extinguishing foam,” he said when contacted by reporters today.

He said 41 firefighters from the Tuaran Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) assisted by several other BBPs including those from Kota Kinabalu, Lintas, Penampang and Sabah JBPM Headquarters, were involved in the operation.