Fear not 2024, we will still be here

By Trailerman Sam

Image courtesy of ONET

Armageddon, Doomsday or in plain English, it’s when our planet dies. Whatever phrase or prediction you want to name it.

Dwelling among us are the quiet fellow homo sapiens who have plenty of time on their hands, those who love to star gaze and those who have a deep belief topping up with undying love for UFOs, aliens and intelligent life from other planets.

A tiny fraction of these science geeks have been anticipating and thinking about the end of life ever since they started to stand up and walk straight, from the very beginning of time. This line of thinking drags along the culture inherited from their ancestors.

Nostradamus, Mayans, Y2K, Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Roland Emmerich’s science fiction 2012 in one way or the other all somehow bestow fear at one time or the other.

It was once the talk of the town, work place, schools, beauty salons and barber shops about an ancient Mayan prediction that the world would end on Dec 21, 2012.

Booooo! The world didn’t end! It was dismissed as either the Mayans got the date wrong or the modern day know-all eccentrics and odd balls had made a calculation error.

We shall be moving into the 12th year since the supposed end of the Maya calendar. But the world is still here and so is Donald Trump (and aiming to be President of the USA for the second time!).

As we ring down the curtains for 2023, the world still remains unaffected by whatever major calamity that had been predicted by the Mayans.

There wasn’t any eschatological events like worldwide cataclysmic earthquakes, devastating

volcanic eruptions, mega tsunamis like what happened in 2004 and a global flood to launch a few thousand Noah’s Arks.

But somehow, somewhere, there’ll be some folks who’ll stock up on essential stuff. Remember the brawls over toilet paper during the height of the Covid-19 scare.

Maybe some smart Alec might even check with Google or Bing whether there’s a Judgement Day Sale.

Our planet existed for more than 4 billion years before humans appeared. It’s certainly not going to die off in the blink of an eye. Maybe it will take another four to five billion years when Planet Earth becomes uninhabitable for humans.

Before I ramble on and spew out things from the extraordinary, let me say this seriously: don’t hold back on your dreams; go say “I love you” to that person who has been looking at you lovingly in the eye of late.

Strike when the iron is hot for a coconut tree may fall on the roof of your car or house in the current rainy weather. Better let the other person know how you feel in your heart so that you enter 2024 with a more pleasant disposition.

As for me, I think 2024 is going to be a great year with good vibes. And I’m not going to change anything for my love for espresso or instant noodles.

I’m also not letting go of my belief that striking the 4D Jackpot is within my grasp in the new year! And that shall mean more than a happy new year, folks!