Fasha Sandha, still a much-in-demand actress at 40

BANGI, Feb 28:  At 40 years old, actress Fasha Sandha considers the steady stream of job offers she receives as a blessing for her and her family.

Known for her disciplined work ethic, the Cicak-Man movie star believes this attitude is the key to her ongoing success in the entertainment industry.

“Alhamdulillah, this is all thanks to my children and husband. I never expected to still be here today, to be be receiving so many acting offers. I think it’s because of my discipline that I’ve reached this level. I will also instil the same values in Elisya Sandha (daughter),” she said after launching the opening of the new AL FARO Exclusive branch here recently.

Despite her busy career, the wife of actor Aidil Aziz still prioritises her responsibilities as a wife and mother to her three precious children.

“As a couple, mutual respect is of utmost importance. As a wife, no matter how great or successful I am, my husband remains above. I make sure food and clothing for him are taken care of. No matter how busy we are, never forget what a wife should do. I’m not saying I’m perfect or a pious woman, but I try to be a good wife and mother,” she said.

On her collaboration with AL FARO, Nur Fasha Sandha Hassan, expressed gratitude for being entrusted as the brand ambassador for two years.