Epiphany: The transformative symphony of writing leading to discovery of my own “ikigai”

by Rahim Said

Upon reflection of the profound impact wrought by the transformative power of writing amid the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown, it becomes evident that words transcended mere ink on paper; they metamorphosed into my therapeutic refuge, a confidant amid the chaos, and ultimately, my salvation.

This literary odyssey emerges as a guiding light, leading me through the labyrinth of life’s unforeseen twists and turns. Within the rich tapestry of my experiences, I stumbled upon a newfound passion – column writing for a reputable news aggregator platform. 

This newfound endeavour has evolved into a companion that promises to walk beside me in the years to come, marking a departure from the academic realm that defined my early years.

Although my early life was devoted to writing about research, my current focus on putting words to paper differs significantly from academia. Academic writing, with its factual and objective nature, stands in stark contrast to the emotive and personal expressions inherent in my column writing.

While academic writing often remains aloof from emotion, my current exploration involves weaving the fabric of personal experiences, sharing the nuanced threads of my thoughts and emotions.

In just one year of contributing columns to the news aggregator platform, I have come to believe that I have unearthed my “ikigai”, my reason for living—an echo of the philosophy embraced by those in the Blue Zone of Japan, where longevity is rooted not only in dietary supplements but also in having a purpose in life.

Writing, I am convinced, may well be my recipe for a long and joyous life—an elixir that I extend to you, inviting you to explore your own “ikigai” or any other compelling reason to traverse the journey of life with purpose and meaning.

For those grappling with the challenge of identifying their path, I ardently advocate embracing writing as a potent vehicle for self-expression and healing. 

Just as consuming an apple a day keeps physical ailments at bay, writing a column daily serves as a mental and emotional tonic, warding off the shadows of depression and dementia. Moreover, it is a gift to others who find solace and inspiration in the shared narratives.

In the tapestry of my columns, two significant threads intertwine. First, there is the cathartic release that comes with expressing my innermost thoughts—a therapeutic dance with words that unravel the knots within.

Second, the ripple effect among those who read my columns is tangible; my words become a beacon, guiding them out of their own emotional abyss. This symbiotic exchange reinforces the notion that writing is not just a solitary endeavour — it is a communal act of resilience.

As I conclude this transformative journey, I extend an earnest call to embrace the power of shared experiences. In opening up about our struggles and triumphs, we weave a tapestry of connection that fosters collective resilience.

So, whether you find solace in writing or through another avenue, the key lies in embracing your unique journey toward a fulfilling and meaningful life.

May your pen be a source of liberation, connecting hearts and minds in the beautiful symphony of human experience.


Rahim Said is a human behaviourist and regular contributor on digital media platforms. He is a professional management consultant, a corporate trainer, and an executive coach specialising in coaching of senior executives and individual entrepreneurs with the purpose of modifying their behaviour in the pursuit of their cherished missions.