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File photo of a worker at a manufacturing plant in the state of Anhui, China. Photo by Shanti Ayadurai

PETALING JAYA, June 7 – Ordering online in large quantities for commercial or industrial purposes is often a tricky business unless you know who you are dealing with. Especially when one wrong move can translate into big losses if you are not dealing with a bona fide party or supplier.

And dealing with a huge and challenging market like China becomes all the more difficult when you don’t have the means to navigate its rather circuitous procedures.

But not all is lost because some parties have emerged to help Malaysian businesses overcome such obstacles. 

Dato’ Sri Ng Chuan Hoo, MD of Vern’s Holding, a top ladies shoes retailer

Case in point is an effort by two local companies, MotoNation and AsiaSourcingHUB, which brought in an experienced online trading facilitator,, to explain what it takes to deal with businesses in China and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

The Nanjing-headquartered company thrives on its principle of trading safely in a smart, efficient and speedy fashion. While its speciality focuses on China, it also has representations in 220 other countries and regions that cover 68 million products in 27 industry categories.

Benjamin Lee, Senior Business Development Manager

In explaining how works for businesses outside China, its Senior Business Development Manager, Benjamin Lee, told a gathering of local entrepreneurs in Puchong today that the company ensures the authenticity of the suppliers concerned and veracity of their commercial and industrial capabilities.

The company also facilitates payments to the Chinese supplier once the external buyer is satisfied with the goods received. This, Benjamin explained, is to avoid unsavoury situations where the supplier doesn’t deliver its goods as promised or the buyer is asked to pay for extra fees or levies before the goods can be taken out from the port.

On the first count, the trade facilitator will ensure that the money is not transferred to the supplier until the goods are received in good order.

On the second count, Benjamin recommended that drawing up a contract is the best way to avoid disputes and prevent unnecessary wastage in funds should the transaction not turn out the way it was intended.   

Other than online intervention and facilitation, he said the company also arranges for buyers to meet genuine suppliers and to trade with them.

All too often, buyers who had dealt with unreliable suppliers often did not have the means to check on the authenticity of their business addresses, factory locations, size of the workforce and business licences, he said. As such, helps to check these important matters to ensure that the buyers are dealing with the right people.

When suppliers sign up with, they will be audited by internationally-renowned firms such as SGS, Bureau Veritas or TUV Rheinland to determine their genuine establishment and capability. The authenticating is done to help avoid business risks and unnecessary business trips and ensure cost savings. 

In addition, also provides potential buyers with a 360 degrees virtual tour of the offices and factory premises of the would-be supplier to give added assurance. Its capability also extends to online tracking of the goods being delivered besides ensuring after-sales and Customs clearance  to live up to its motto of trading safely.

Jet Ong, Director of MotoNation & AsiaSourcingHUB

AsiaSourcingHUB director Jet Ong said his company would arrange a visit to’s headquarters and other business locations in China later this year as part of its business-matching efforts.

Dato’ Sri Ng Chuan Hoo, founder and managing director of Vern’s Holding, a company retailing ladies’ shoes from China in Malaysia, said it is important for business people to understand each other by communicating more so that their aspirations would be better understood or known.

As such, they would have to know each other better as good communication is key to ensuring a successful business outcome, he said.

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