Doctor hopes Malaysia will never face the issue of shortage of oxygen

SUBANG JAYA, July 5 – An anesthesiologist says Malaysia so far has not had any issue in the supply of oxygen required for the care of patients at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and in need of assisted breathing.

Speaking at a webinar “Inside Covid-19 : Real Life Experiences by Doctors & Patients” organised by FBC Community Connection recently, an anesthesiologist with the Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Dr Suresh Venugobal said at the moment the supply of oxygen was sufficient at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

Although he could not say with certainty if there has been any issue of oxygen supply in other hospitals, he said a surge in the number of cases might raise a question. He said several countries have faced the problem of oxygen supply but he hoped that Malaysia will never ever come to that point.

He also expressed confidence that the Malaysian government will do its best to resolve the problem, should such a situation arise.

Dr Suresh, together with Dr Chua Keong Tiong, also from SJMC (Respiratory Medicine), as well as two patients Corrine Au and Vincent Yee were the panelists of the highly informative webinar, which was moderated by Dr.Peter Ng Eng Pin (SJMC).

Each of the panelists took the participants of the webinar through the A to Z of COVID-19 story as experienced by them whether as a medical expert providing care for patients at the ICU ward, or having gone through, as a patient, the ordeal of the virus infection personally.

While many have remained outside the ICU wards and outside the hospitals waiting to know what their loved ones had gone through or are still going through, the doctors during the webinar clearly explained the procedures involved in the care of Covid-19 patients from the time they are diagnosed to the stage of decision on whether they need intensive care or normal warding.

Dr. Chua also explained the varying stages or progress of the disease in a patient and the medical steps taken at the varying points of treatment for the COVID-19 patient.

The webinar also provided an insight of the pandemic both at home and globally and some of the challenges faced by medical personnel themselves, the risks taken and the tireless efforts of the frontliners, as well as answers to the many questions the public have on the viral disease, vaccination and other related issues as well.

The full content of the webinar can be accessed at the following FBC Facebook link: