Designing will continue to evolve, more so with disruptive technologies, says Golden Pin Design Award winner Vivian Toh

Winner of the 2014 Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA) for CUTOUT magazine, Vivian Toh (3rd from right) at the recent GPDA Perspectives and Salon programme in Kuala Lumpur. Photo by Weekly Echo.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 – The world of designing – be it product design, architechture, landscape, graphic design – will continue to evolve and with advanced technologies in the sector, it will only serve to see more evolvement and designers becoming better, said Vivian Toh, one of the 2014 winners of Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)’s Golden Pin Design Awards.

Vivian Toh and partner Jay Lim receiving the Golden Pin Design Award in 2014 for their CUTOUT magazine.

Speaking to Weekly Echo at the sidelines of the recently held Golden Pin Design Award’s Design Perspectives x Golden Pin Salon 2023, an event for professionals in architecture, product and graphic design, Vivian said the event was aimed at inspiring and engaging the audience to talk more on sustainability and value creation from the design perspective.

“We also wanted to talk about sustainability. It is an ongoing topic, on how we are going to make the world a better place for everybody…by way of designing, writing.

“Our speakers today are involved specifically in areas of sustainability from the architect’s perspective and we also have a speaker from Taiwan who has a range of products that are sustainable…one of his products are made from repurposed fish nets.”

Vivian, who was also one of the speakers at the event, and has a graphic design studio, Tsubaki Studio, and does creative writing, spoke on value creation and how they were constantly looking at improving and helping businesses grow their brand naturally and aesthetically and have a more sustainable business in the long run.

The gathering of design experts at the Kuala Lumpur event was to also continue to give design professionals and students, a platform for inspiration, and introduce the award programme.

The Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA), which was established in 1981 by TDRI, is one of the most influential design awards programme that offers recognition to outstanding innovations from different parts of the world in the various categories of design, Vivian said.

It offers an opportunity for designers to compete along with many others in the field for recognition while making way for the process of becoming better designers and learning many things along the way.

On the CUTOUT magazine, for which she, and her partner Jay Lim, won the GPDA, Vivian said it has been successful, and is set for a new look soon.

“The magazine was started to give fellow designers in the local community a voice to be heard, a space to expose their design work and simply a room for designers to have a dialogue. We created it as a platform for designers to contribute to the community and elevate the design scene in Malaysia.”

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