Deloitte starts climate learning programme for 330,000 personnel worldwide

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6 – Multinational professional services company Deloitte today announced that it is rolling out a a new climate learning program for all 330,000 of its people worldwide in line with its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Developed in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the program is aimed at informing, challenging, and
inspiring Deloitte people to learn about the impacts of climate change and empowering them to
confidently navigate their contribution to addressing climate change with responsible choices at home and at work, and in advising clients.

The program – an expansion of Deloitte’s climate and sustainability initiative, WorldClimate, will be launched on Wednesday, 18th August in Asia Pacific, Deloitte said in a press statement Friday .

“To address climate change, we need to understand it. Through dedicated learning, we can help
make the right choices necessary to combat the crisis,” said Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO.

“Deloitte’s climate learning program is a powerful tool to unlock the climate ambition of our
most valuable asset and superpower—our people. By educating and inspiring all 330,000 of us,
we can help drive collective action at the scale required to help address climate change.”

Deloitte’s digital learning program comprises a module which features videos, interactive data
visualisations, and personal testimonials from dedicated Deloitte people taking climate action
around the globe.

“Climate change brings global impacts that demand global solutions. But we also know that
companies have a big role to play in driving progress, and that the actions and voices of their
employees really matter,” said Carter Roberts, President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund.

“Leading companies today are not only setting science-based targets to slash emissions and
drive progress through their supply chains. They’re also engaging their customers and
employees to make smarter choices and build momentum for broader societal progress. This
new initiative from Deloitte taps into that trend and aims to bring it to scale,” he said.

“It is time for businesses to change the way they operate. For companies to build long-term
sustainable value for all stakeholders, they must do their part to build an equitable and
sustainable future. With a company-wide climate learning, businesses can develop a culture of
sustainability and climate-conscious thinking at the very core of their work”, Renjen added.