DAP members should work together to ensure gov’t services, policies reach the rakyat, says Anthony Loke

SHAH ALAM, Nov 26: DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke today reminded party members who are serving at state and grassroots level in Selangor to always work together to ensure that government policies and services reach the people.

He also warned that he would not hesitate in taking action against any assemblymen and councillors from the party by ordering them to resign if they refuse to cooperate.

“In some areas, councillors don’t cooperate with village heads. Village heads argue with councillors. Councillors don’t want to sit down with assemblymen. This is my final warning.

“If any assemblyman, councillor or village head cannot work together, cannot cooperate, just resign. If you don’t want to resign, I’ll just drop you,” he said during his opening address at the 2023 Selangor DAP Annual State Convention here today, which was attended by 600 state delegates.

Loke said this sort of problem should not occur as DAP has been part of the Selangor government for four terms.

“If this problem cannot be resolved, how can we govern? So, to the Selangor leadership, this cannot be tolerated.

“Don’t let problems like this be a negative factor to our achievements. Everyone, no matter what their post, must have the spirit of cooperation in the party,” he said, reminding assemblymen to always carry out their duties fairly and to build relations and a good team with the grassroots.

Loke also countered repeated allegations that a strong DAP would weaken the political power of Malays, and that the party would engage in gerrymandering, stating that such claims made by the opposition were irresponsible and deceptive.

“Firstly, logically speaking, how can DAP amend the Constitution with only 40 seats? Amending the Constitution requires 148 seats in Parliament. DAP did not even contest 50 seats.

“Secondly, whatever decision by the Cabinet are collective decisions. DAP has only four representatives in the Cabinet, so it’s unfair and unreasonable to claim that DAP can control and make every decision,” he added.