(Updated) Curry Leaves Bistro – Where craving for home food is met in Pleasanton, California

Updating Dateline: Should read PLEASANTON,

By Noor Gulam

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA: I was back at the Curry Leaves Bistro in Pleasanton, California yesterday for lunch. It is the restaurant I go to when the craving for Malaysian food hits me.

I simply love the food this popular restaurant, run by a Malaysian couple and their family, serves in the San Francisco Bay area, where I also currently live and work.

Whether it is the typical Malaysian Nasi Lemak, complete with cucumber, peanuts, sambal and fried chicken to other rice set dishes with fried fish, curry and vegetables, the taste of good food and feeling is not too different from the food served back home in Penang.

Indeed, Jay who runs the restaurant is from Penang! His two sons also help out and are very good at the counter.

My first encounter with the restaurant was during a Raya open-house few years ago and have since then frequented their restaurant.

Curry Leaves Bistro, which has been listed as one of the top ten Malaysian restaurants in Livermore, is regularly frequented by not only Malaysians working, studying or living here, but also locals who enjoy Malaysian food as well as tourists.