CTOS Rewards Consumers Who Check On Their Credit Health

KUALA LUMPUR, July 3: As part of its efforts to encourage people to maintain healthy financial habits, the country’s leading credit reporting agency, CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, recently rewarded consumers who have kept up to date with their credit health by checking their CTOS Score.

Through a contest “Raya Kaw-Kaw with CTOS” it organised between mid March to May 14 this year, it offerered consumers who purchased their MyCTOS Score report, answered three questions about the CTOS Score, and completed it with a creative slogan, an opportunity to win prizes.

Over 140,000 consumers participated in the contest winning various prizes including weekly prices such as e-hailing taxi vouchers, toll payment vouchers and mobile phones.

There were three grand prizes as well, namely the first prize of Proton Exora 1.6T Executive CVT worth RM65,000, a Yamaha 135LC motorbike worth RM9,000, and a Yamaha Ego Avantiz motorbike
worth RM6,400, a press release issued by the company recently said.

Grand prize winner Yep Pui Yee 47, mother of two, who works in marketing said, “My husband and I were just checking our CTOS scores to keep abreast of our credit health. Imagine how surprised we were when we found out that we won a car! We are planning to sell the Proton Exora to help fund our children’s further education overseas.”

Samsul Bahri Bin Zulhakimi, 34, a public servant and father of two, went home with the second grand prize and Sim Hong Geok, 35, a software engineer took the third prize.

Erick Hamburger, Group CEO of CTOS Digital Berhad, who presented the prizes to the winners
recently said: “All consumers who maintain healthy financial habits are winners in their own right as credit health is a vital aspect of financial well-being. It affects the ability to secure loans, qualify for lower interest rates, and impacts various life milestones such as renting an apartment or purchasing a home, or a car.

“Encouraging and incentivizing people to maintain those practices is a significant role for CTOS as the country’s leading credit reporting agency. By regularly monitoring credit reports, addressing inaccuracies, and practicing responsible credit habits, consumers can proactively safeguard their financial

Over the past six years, CTOS has conducted over 450 financial education roadshows and webinars to raise public awareness on the importance of managing their credit health.