Creation of Separate Communications and Digital Ministries Shows Govt’s Strategic Reorganisation

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14: Turning the previous Ministry of Communications and Digital into two separate ministries signifies a strategic reorganisation that underscores the government’s commitment to prioritising digital transformation and communications advancements, says  Chiew Kok Hin, Chairman of Malaysia Internet Exchange welcomes (MyIX).

MyIX is a non-profit and neutral internet exchange that connects local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers to exchange internet traffic. It serves as a peering platform where ISPs and content providers can connect and exchange traffic more efficiently, reducing the need for data to traverse long-distance routes.

“The introduction of these two ministries carries significant implications for Malaysia’s digital landscape, including accelerating digital transformation with the creation of a dedicated Digital Ministry,” said Chiew.

In welcoming the appointment of Gobind Singh Deo and Datuk Ugak Anak Kumbong as the new Digital Minister and Deputy Minister respectively, Chiew said their extensive experience and leadership in technology and communication is poised to drive additional initiatives that foster local innovation, digital literacy while also ensuring that digital benefits are accessible to all segments of society.

By promoting digital inclusion and accessibility, Malaysia can continue to bridge the digital divide and create opportunities for continued economic growth and social development, he added.

“This is in line with expectations that the Malaysian Digital Economy would contribute 25.5% of Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025, and emerge as a strategic engine of growth for the country,” Chiew said.

He also said the presence of the Communications Ministry led by Minister Fahmi Fadzil and his deputy Teo Nie Ching “continues to ensure that Malaysia’s communication infrastructure, including telecommunications and broadcasting, receives dedicated attention.”

This is pivotal for maintaining a robust and reliable digital ecosystem, which is foundational for economic growth and competitiveness, said Chiew.

“At our end, MyIX remains committed to our mission of keeping internet traffic within the country to continuously ensure fast and resilient internet speed and reliability for the continued success of the Digital Economy.

“Internet exchange points are critical components of the internet infrastructure that facilitate the exchange of internet traffic between different networks and internet service providers (ISPs),” he added.