COVID-19 cases hit 8,290, rising number of BID

PUTRAJAYA, May 28 – COVID-19 cases went up by 8,290 overnight, bringing total cases in the country to 549,514.

The Ministry of Health in its daily update today also raised concerns on the rising number of Brought in Dead (BID) cases.

It said there were three general scenarios in the cases of BID, as shared by Dr Siti Sarah Aishah Suhaidi.

Under the first scenario, the victim shows symptoms of fever and cough. Goes to clinic and gets medication. Does not undertake any COVID-19 test. Several days later, the victim is found dead at home.

In the next scenario, the person had tested positive for COVID-19. The case is reported to the Health Ministry by the private clinic. The victim is found dead at home even before being sent to the hospital.

In the last case scenario, the person has lost all sense of taste and is very tired but does not take the symptoms seriously and only rests at home. Several days later, the person is found dead at home.

The ministry urged people showing any possible COVID-19 symptoms to carry out testing in order to get early treatment.

The ministry also raised concerns on increasing clusters at the work place event after the Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0.

It urged employers to undertake all the necessary precautions and prevention measures at their working premises including the provision of hand sanitation or washing facility, ensuring social distance observation, and prevention of crowding up narrow spaces. Workers were also advised to wear their masks, avoid conversing at close distances and keeping common facilities like dining area clean.