Countries Must Do Their Best To Preserve Their Wetlands – Sustainability Expert

File photo. Lovely creatures from the wetlands in a park. – By Clarissa Anne.
Mattias Goldman.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 – Countries must do their best to preserve their wetlands, known for its rich biodiversity, says sustainability expert, Mattias Goldmann.

“They are very important for combating climate change. On a global scale we need more wetlands to combat climate change. They are great for biodiversity,” Goldmann said on the sideline of the “Pioneer the Possible – Green Mobility and Transport Forum” recently organised here by Business Sweden in Malaysia. Goldmann, a senior advisor in climate and sustainability, was one of the speakers at the event. He made the comments when asked on the importance of wetlands.

“They store a lot of carbon. They are also super important for biodiversity, being wetlands they can have both marine and acquatic as well as land organisms. They are also a great source of income for many people as they can do both agriculture and fishing.”

Besides being a beautiful part of nature, there are many other reasons on a global scale for countries to protect their wetlands, he said, adding that Sweden has been restoring more and more of its wetlands to combat climate change.

Expressing concerns that around the world, many wetlands have been converted and covered with concrete to build roads, shopping malls, he said countries must carefully look into all the benefits of wetlands before deciding on what they want to do with them.

To another question on the consequences of weather engineering to produce more rain, Mattias said it would have to be done with some caution.

“It really should be the last resort. We are not sure about the consequences (of cloud manipulation).”

Instead, all the resources that are used for something like cloud manipulation, they could be used for secured benefits of humankind, like combating climate change and creating a more sustainable future, he suggested.