Community Media MADANI can help disseminate authentic information about government policies

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2: A Community Media MADANI will be set up comprising parties that support the government to ensure the dissemination of authentic information about government policies to the people.

Minister of Communications and Multimedia Fahmi Fadzil said the initiative was relevant and will be activated after considering recent revelation of efforts by certain people to discredit the efforts and initiatives of the government through systematic manipulation on social media platforms.

“Among the objectives and purpose of setting up the Community Media MADANI is to ensure we can enhance our relationship and cooperation.

“Through a close rapport with each other, a lot of objectives can be achieved and we can easily and quickly cross check a number of issues and respond quickly to any matters that arise,” he told reporters during the Budget 2024 Forum at the World Trade Centre, here tonight.

Fahmi who is also the Unity Government’s Strategic Communications Committee chairman said attacks launched at the government through the social media comes from various channels and can happen anytime.

Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia has initiated several measures to keep such issues in check, including calling up those handling the social media platform who have all these while failed to offer their cooperation to the government.

“The aim is not to pressure or vindicate anyone but we want to ensure media freedom and freedom of speech existed and can be enjoyed but not spreading malicious content or manipulative in nature or baseless accusations.

“Most importantly matters related to policies of the government are undermined by raising none existent issues which can result in causing unwarranted hysteria among the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, UMNO Information chief Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said in her speech said the Community Media MADANI is being set up as a platform to ensure the progress of the party by feeding authentic information about the MADANI government.

“The Community Media MADANI that we intend to initiate at state levels is for the party machinery to obtain information that is authentic so that we can channel such info to overcome wrong political perception.

“What is important is to receive authentic and truthful information because some information is biased in nature and can confuse the people,” said Azalina who is Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform).