“Buffer Zone” proposal for Malaysian-Thai border

PASIR MAS, March 9: A proposal to build a buffer zone along the 99-kilometre Malaysian-Thai border in order to curb smuggling activities has been presented to the Home Affairs Ministry (KDN).

Kelantan police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said this matter is now awaiting KDN’s consideration.

When met by reporters here, he said the construction of a buffer zone is very important because all enforcement agencies that control the border face the problem of smuggling activities.

“If there is a buffer zone at the Malaysian-Thai border, close to this state, it is possible that smuggling activities can be well-controlled.

“As the state police chief, (I feel) this is the best way to prevent our border from being used for smuggling activities,” he said.

When asked to comment on illegal jetties that are no longer in use at the border, Muhamad Zaki said the police together with the local authorities (PBT) had discussed the matter amongst themselves.

“The illegal jetties were built on private land…if they were built on government land, then we will discuss with the PBT to take the best method to avoid them being used for smuggling activities.

“We expect a high level of awareness among the local people in the border area not to build jetties for the purpose of committing illegal activities,” he added.