From Banker To Author

Angeline Teh

PETALING JAYA: Imagine finding out that your great-great-grandfather was a well-known man very much later in life. Then to go on to be inspired by him and in the course, change the course of your own life. That’s pretty much what happened to Angeline Teh, a banker turned coach, trainer and author.

It was only by chance, Angeline, says that she came to know that she was the great-great-grandaughter of Teh Lay Seng, who was an influential philanthropist from Perak who supported financially Sun Yat-sen, China’s revolutionary leader and provisional first president of the Republic of China, who ended the Qing Dynasty’s rule of China.

Angeline was a banker for 18 years before she made the move to becoming a coach, trainer and author, inspired by her great-great-grandfather’s legacy of contributing to the society.

“I was inspired by my late great-great-grandfather’s legacy and his aspiration to promote peace, and lead a life of giving generously to the people. Knowing him, somewhat changed my life,” she tells Weekly-Echo during an interview.

A historical figure, Teh Lay Seng is well celebrated in Perak, and known for being a loyal supporter of Sun Yat-sen, although in his later years, his charity works were spent more in Malaysia, building educational institutions in Ipoh, Perak.

“My great-great-grandfather’s story, and a setback in my own personal life, somewhat made me stronger and I found myself leaving the cushy and well-paying job of a banker into doing something different and more people related work. That’s how I ended up as a trainer, coach and an author.”

Angeline’s first book, “Wisdom of the Past”, which took her to China for research on her great-great-grandfather’s ancestral home, was published in 2019.

The book, a tribute to her great-great-grandfather traces his roots to China, where he had served as a government official to his move to Ipoh and doing much to promote peace in his new home, while contributing generously to the welfare of the people and the development of schools.

Angeline, who was a banker for 18 years, went on to publish her second book, an e-book based entitled “Secrets to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential” based on her training and coaching programmes that help working individuals to get more out of life, to come out of their comfort zone and do what they are passionate about.

People should be doing what they are passionate about, said Angeline. “I came out from my comfort zone. Becoming an author is not even something I dreamt of but my great-great-grandfather’s legacy and my desire to contribute to society pushed me towards writing and now I am doing what I am passionate about.”

Asked on what kept her busy at home during the MCO period, the lanky and attractive Angeline said she juggled between cooking, writing, getting her book published as well as coaching her clients online.

Asked on where she would head to if she gets to travel, Angeline said she would start with Penang, where she could chill out and enjoy the beach.

“Besides, it is north to my hometown of Ipoh, where I can visit my parents.”