BGDG, Scientex join forces to provide water filter system to Orang Asli villages in Hulu Langat

The villagers of Kampung Orang Asli Genting Peras being shown how to use their water filter.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 – Clean water remains a major problem for village communities that are dependent on direct river sources for their water, and during floods the issue of polluted water becomes even more pronounced.

While providing clean water to these communities during such times was an immediate priority for charitable organisation, Be Good Do Good Association (BGDG), which worked along with many organisations to provide help for affected communities, providing a long term solution was really needed, said its President Victor Ooi. 

It was along this that BGDG and Scientex Bhd formed a collaboration to help these communities have their own water filter systems to ensure that they have clean water supply rain or shine, said Victor.

The head of Kampung Orang Asli Genting Peras receiving the contribution sponspored by Scientex Bhd from BGDG President Victor Ooi as KC Lee and Tan who headed the trip look on.

“The BGDG association has worked with Orang Asli villages formally before and they were among some of the communities that were badly affected during the floods and they needed a long term solution considering that floods do come and go.”

Victor said he had also assisted the villages in his personal capacities several times.

As part of this outreach programme, BGDG joined forces with Scientex Bhd on April 2 this year to provide water filter systems to three Orang Asli villages comprising 182 families in the Hulu Langat area.

“As these water filter systems can be used without electricity, they will greatly alleviate their problems of muddy water supply when the rivers get polluted during floods or the power gets cut off.”

While their recent outing to the villages included the provision of essential food supplies to the villagers, BGDG also plans to help them become more self-sufficient financially by introducing to them mushroom cultivation, a collaborative program to be sponsored by the DXN Group.

Meanwhile, each family in the three villages received their individual water filter sets and were also shown the way to operate the filter system during the April trip by volunteers from BGDG and Scientex.

The volunteers from BGDG and Scientex preparing to distribute the water filter equipment, rice packages and other essentials to the three villages.

The visit to Kampong Sg Gabai was led by Brian Yap and Tan Chong while Datuk Ravi and SH Lee led the visit to Kampong Paya Lebar and KC Lee and Tan led the visit to Kampung Orang Asli Genting Peras.