Anthony Loke reminds DAP elected reps of importance of meeting KPI

IPOH, Oct 30: DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke warned elected representatives from the  party that they would be replaced if they failed to meet the standard of performance set  by the party.

He said the performance of all DAP elected representatives, be them at the federal level or the state level, or in the local government, will always be assessed by the party leadership.

“We must remember that when we are entrusted with such a big mandate, the people’s expectations are also very high.

“Therefore, the entire leadership and membership of DAP must continue to work hard, and most importantly, we must remind ourselves to always serve the people,” he said in his speech at the 22nd Perak DAP Convention here yesterday. Also present was Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming.

Loke, who is also the Minister of Transport, said all of them are required to play an important role to ensure that the government’s policies and operations run smoothly at all levels and benefit the people, which serves as the primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and objective that they need to fulfill.

“The most important thing we must remind ourselves every day is that when we hold a position, it is a trust and responsibility that we need to fulfil for the benefit of the country, state, and people.

“You have been entrusted, given the opportunity to be DAP candidates. We must do our best, never embarrass the party by not fulfilling our responsibilities as a candidate and representative of the people,” he added.

He said the DAP has a lineup of potential second liners who could be given the opportunity to be the people’s elected representative.

In Perak alone, he said,  there are 99 local council members, along with more than 100 village chiefs and community leaders, he said.

“In every election, there are elected representatives who want to retire or resign so there will be opportunities for these people,” he said.