Another turtle dead by entanglement in fish net in Kertih

Photo of a sea turtle courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay

CHUKAI, April 1 (Bernama) — A male green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) measuring five feet long was found dead today at Pantai Chakar Hutan in Kertih here, entangled in a stingray net (pukat pari).

Geng Plastik Ija (GPI) Terengganu chairman, Zulkefli Sarji said the turtle carcass was found beached by volunteers of his non-governmental organisation (NGO) tasked with patrolling the area at about 7.30 am.

He said the turtle was believed to have been dead for several days based on the state of its decay and bloated body.

“The condition of this turtle is really distressing with the ray net (use of pukat pari in a marine park is an offence under Fisheries Act 1985) still wrapped around its neck. Pukat pari installed in the middle of the sea by fishermen have resulted in the death of many turtles.

“This turtle may have been dead in the middle of the sea for a few days but was carried by the current and washed up on this beach,” he said when contacted.

Zulkefli said the turtle carcass was handed over to the Fisheries Department for further action.

According to him, so far his party of beach-combers has found three turtle carcasses washed up on the coast of Terengganu while carrying out beach cleaning work.

“Most of the turtles that were found dead were caught in pukat pari or ingested plastic (mistaken for jellyfish) in the sea.

“This situation is very regrettable and could cause the number of turtles to decrease. This is because out of 1,000 turtle hatchlings that are released, only one will grow up to reach adulthood,” he said.