ALPS Global sets up committee to uphold ethical standards in research, clinical trials

Members of the ALPS Research and Ethics Committee with ALPS Global Holding Group CEO Dr.Tham Seng Kong (9th from right), Chief Scientific Officer Prof. Manickam Ravichandran (10th right) and Dr. Basmullah Yusof (11th right).

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14: ALPS Global Holding Bhd, a leading player in the global research and biotechnology sector, recently set up an ethics committee to play an oversight role for the research and clinical trials conducted by the organisation.

Officially launched on Nov 17, 2023, under the leadership of its Group CEO, Dr. Tham Seng Kong and its Chief Scientific Officer Prof. Manickam Ravichandran, the ALPS Research and Ethics Committee (AREC) is expected to provide a robust ethical oversight for the organisation’s research and clinical trials, including ensuring compliance to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency guidelines.

In a statement issued here today, the company’s Quality Assurance Manager, Roshani Vijaya Kumar, said the AREC will be headed by Dr. Basmullah Yusof and Dr. Benjamin George Jr. to ensure the independence and unbiasedness of the committee.

AREC is comprised of a diverse team, ensuring an equal distribution of internal personnel, representatives from subsidiaries, experts in the field of biotechnology, and an external layperson.

“This comprehensive composition allows the committee to consider various perspectives, including potential social concerns, when reviewing any clinical trials or research initiatives,” Roshani said.

The key objectives of the committee would be to ensure ethical oversight through the adherence to ethical standards in all research and clinical trials, enhancing the organisation’s reputation and trust by building trust among stakeholders and clients. It is also aimed at improving decision-making processes and fostering transparency among committee members.

Other objectives are to provide scientific and clinical quality assurance in all research endeavors while adhering to regulations and identifying/mitigating any potential safety and legal risks.

The statement also quoted Dr. Tham as saying that the committee was a reflection of the organisation’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct in research and clinical trials.

“This initiative underscores our dedication to transparency, quality, and compliance with regulatory standards. Despite the committee’s official inauguration, ALPS Global Holding acknowledges the need for a clear Quality Management System. This system will be established and subsequently audited by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) before the committee proceeds to be listed under the Drug Control Authority (DCA) of NPRA,” he said.

The committee is expected to contribute not only to the advancement of ethical research practices within the ALPS group but to the broader scientific community as well.

A fully-integrated biotechnology research, medical and wellness services company, ALPs expects to enhance both the quality of human life, and extend the average life span by providing the best possible state of the art anti-aging care and wellness services.

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