Actors of Bangladeshi movie “Din The Day” get rousing welcome at KL premiere

By Mohamad Letfee Ahmad 

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 – The KLCC Suria mall was packed with a long line of eager Bangladeshi citizens that went all the way from the ground floor to the Tanjung Golden Village theatres on the second floor of the mall last Friday.

It was a public holiday in conjunction with the Malaysia Day celebration and the mall was naturally crowded, but this crowd was celebrating another event as well — they were there buying tickets to a movie while waiting to catch a glimpse of Bangladeshi actors, Ananta Jalil and Barsha who were set to be at the theatre for the premiere of the Bangladeshi movie “Din-The-Day” that evening.

When the actors turned up, the crowd that had been waiting long, broke into rousing cheers, singing and at some point went frenzy, with many of the fans pushing and pulling as the actors were taken through the crowd and into the waiting room at the theatre.

Apparently it had been a long wait for them to watch a Bangladeshi movie in a theatre in the country and the excitement and opportunity of watching it on the big screen was just a huge treat for many, said one expatriate who had been waiting with the rest for the movie.

The theatre was packed full and many had to forgo the 5.20 premiere show, and bought tickets to later screenings in the evening. The show also entered its fourth day of screening today and is currently playing in 20 theatres nationwide. Reportedly, all screenings so far have been fully packed.

“This is a good development, and obviously this is a huge market for theatre operators,” a fan said.

Speaking to Bangladeshi and Malaysian reporters prior to the screening of the movie, lead actor cum producer, Ananta Jalil, said: “I think there is a great opportunity for Malaysian and Bangladeshi film producers to work together to produce films that can attract the audience from both countries.”

Ananta Jalil and his wife Barsha who play the lead roles in the movie were also in Johore Bahru on Sunday for the movie’s premiere at the MMC City Square in Johore Bahru.

Meanwhile the President of the Film Directors’ Association of Malaysia, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim said local producers must take this opportunity to foster good relationship and establish joint venture in the production of films that can be marketed in both countries.

Din-The Day tells the story of the Bangladeshi SWAT team and the Interpol in busting an international drug ring that targets Bangladeshi immigrant workers in Asia.

The movie was directed by Iranian director, Morteza Atashzamzam and filmed in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan.