5th World Media Summit in China expected to trigger more media cooperation

GUANGZHOU: World media leaders have expressed their hope for a successful World Media Summit and more fruitful cooperation among media outlets worldwide.

Extending her best wishes virtually to Xinhua for the fifth World Media Summit being held from Dec 2 to 8, Daisy Veerasingham, president and CEO of the Associated Press, said that gatherings of the kind “benefit all news organisations so that we can work together to advance the power of factual journalism”.

Noting the urgency to address generative artificial intelligence, a technology that brings both risks and opportunities in a rapidly changing environment, she said, “it’s essential that news organisations collaborate to push for a framework that ensures intellectual property is protected, and it’s also crucial that news organisations develop standards around the use of this technology”.

Echoing her remarks, Fabrice Fries, chairman and CEO of Agence France-Presse (AFP), said, “global media cooperation will be crucial as we look to innovate and grow in the face of so many challenges”.

In his congratulatory video message, the chairman wished the Xinhua-hosted summit a success.

“Xinhua and AFP have been important partners for many years, and we look forward to fostering that relationship in the years to come.”

Hong Seok-Hyun, chairman of JoongAng Holdings, stressed the important role of the media in a complex world fraught with challenges. The summit will lay the foundation for world cooperation and development, he said.

Iqbal Surve, chairman of South Africa’s Independent Media, envisioned the summit as a platform for practical cooperation agreements to materialise and said the summit comes at an opportune time.

Surve voiced his hope that media organisations will conclude the summit with tangible cooperation to share resources, technology and information.

“Expectations about the summit are enormous because it comes at a time of global media changes,” said Bernarda Llorente, president of Telam, Argentina’s official news agency.

She said the summit will be a fundamental platform for building cooperation and mutual trust among the world’s media in a global context that needs certainty.

Narasimhan Ram, The Hindu Publishing Group Director, said the agency he represented with a history of over 145 years is “committed to the World Media Summit’s mission of learning from and cooperating with one another across countries and civilisations in the media field”.

Ram thanked Xinhua for hosting the summit which gathered media from different historical, cultural and civilisational backgrounds, voicing hope for fruitful exchanges of ideas at the summit.

“We are looking forward to exchanging experience with media from different countries at the upcoming summit, particularly with regard to the coverage of sustainable development, socio-economic and humanitarian issues,” said Janna Tolstikova, CEO of TV BRICS.

The CEO said the summit provides a great platform that encourages the exchange of experience between the world’s media, especially among the BRICS members.