41st KL International Book Fair now in full swing at WTC until June 2

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27: The 41st Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (PBAKL) is now in full swing at the World Trade Centre in Jalan Tun Ismail here until June 2.

Organised by the Malaysian National Book Council (MBKM) with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the event is also in collaboration with the Malaysian Book Industry Chamber (MBIC).

PBAKL is a main event in the global publishing calendar for each year, said Keith Thong, chairman of MBIC .

Book launches, seminars and forums are also among the activities being carried out to meet the needs of the reading community from all walks of life, he added.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will officiate at the official opening of PBAKL on May 30.

Today, PBAKL will feature a forum on “English for Internationalisation: Educator’s Perspective”.

The forum focuses on the fact that English language education has always been the subject of discussion and deliberation in academic institutions, governmental bodies and corporate organisations.

Internationalisation in English language education refers to the process of integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, functions, or delivery of English language education.

From an educator’s perspective, focusing on English for internationalisation involves several key aspects including,policies, curriculum, pedagogies, resources, technology, AI and other current perspectives, said Thong.

From the educators’ perspective, focusing on English for internationalisation involves a comprehensive approach to language instruction that considers global trends, intercultural communication, and the need to realise the focused outcomes, he added.

This requires flexibility, cultural sensitivity and a commitment to continuous improvement in teaching practices, Thong said.

This forum will provide insights pertaining to the above aspects and also some practical contextual solutions in the enhancement of English language education based on the current trends in policies, approaches and resources, taking into consideration all factors involved in the implementation and realisation of English language education.

Speakers include Chew Shin Yi, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, Universiti Malaya; Shee Yuen Ling, English language panel head, SJKC New Kopisan; Natasha Nuralanis Zulkipli, Examination Assessment Unit, IPGMKPI, Bandar Baru Bangi; Thanbeer Kaur Sekhon, Pre-University Language Educator, Desa Mahkota Form Six College; and Nurhezrin Anuar, lecturer, Institute of Teacher Education, International Languages Campus, Kuala Lumpur. The forum will be moderated by Dr Aslam Khan Samahs Khan, academic director & vice chairman, ERICAN Education Group Malaysia.


Keith Thong, Chairman of Malaysian Book Industry Chamber (MBIC).