3R again?

by Dato’ Syed Ahmad Idid

Photo credit: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

This is to titillate your day with some bits for thinking out loud. You may suddenly say “Oh no! We must not go for the 3R mania or phobia. Either is bad for health”.

And you are right.

We shall also not go to the original 3R: Reading. W(r)iting. And A(r)ithmetic.

We know of the hot 3R now drawing lessons and getting more persons to participate in their heated debates. That too will not get us to discuss those stuff except (a) Rats (b) Rich and (c) Road Rage!

We agree that Rats who steal food from the poor can be allowed to live in comfortable mansions more like palaces. But the millions who survive by working under the hot sun for pittance suffer when the money value is decreased. The Rats instead get their billions with the flick of a footnote!

As for some of the filthy Rich, many kowtow or show respect to them though their wealth may have come from huge bribes! They could be buying hotels or buildings at inflated prices where their “commission” or “gifts” are in built at about 30% of the total.

The principals have been tricked. And where the public funds are involved, the bribes are part of the losses. But nobody cares.

And Road Rage is also increasing and coming out in different forms. Used to be anger where the driver of a car could approach the other driver and abused him/her or took out a stick to threaten…for some minor error of overtaking or turning too fast.

But strange things are happening at great speed. In Sabah a driver who was about to turn his car into a parking space got out and shot the other driver who took the space by reversing instead.

Or just a couple of days ago, a car which overtook another caused the other to accelerate. A race ensued. The black car in its haste ran off the road, thus leaving the red car with the question: “What caused that crash? I did not hit him.”