18 Indonesian artistes to attend Syaitan Munafik’s Gala Night on December 18

Film producer, Datuk Mohd Rosdi Shair

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12: A 15-year-old film entitled ‘Syaitan Munafik produced by United Nine Creative Sdn Bhd will be graced by the presence of 18 Indonesian artistes at the Gala Night at TGV Wangsa Walk here this December 18.

The film’s producer, Datuk Mohd. Rosdi Shair said all the artistes will be flown from Jakarta by TransNusa Air, the official flight sponsor for the event.

He said the artistes were friends of the film’s lead actor, the late Ashraf Sinclair and had acted with him.

“In addition to actors such as Mayang Lucyana, Dafina Jamasir, Ichal Muhammad, Vanda, Hami DIA, Vinessa Ines, Derick Jordan, Lolly Ismaya, Erlina Sutansyah, Arida Nuraini, Vidya Ully and Anissa Kayla, also present is the singer Ucie and winner of the Indonesian Central Java Beauty Queen, Ilma Fitriana. Their presence here is also to support the main actress, Dea Lestari who is also from Indonesia,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Dea Lestari, 36, said she was looking forward to watching the movie and seeing her 21-year-old self at the time.

Actress Dea Lestari

“A long-awaited film, considering the production was done a long time ago and has undergone many changes. I think the Malaysian and Indonesian horror movie fans will be looking forward to watching the film,” she said.

Film and soap opera actress, Dafina Jamasir, 33, said she was proud to see the effort in producing a film involving actors from two neighbouring countries.

“The film industry today is very far developed. This film will certainly bring Indonesian and Malaysian artistes close together.  New friends, new experiences and new projects will make our relationship even closer,” he said.

Another artiste, Derick Jordan, 22, who will also be present, spoke on the issue of marketing Malaysian films to Indonesia.

He said that apart from the involvement of actors, promotion is also an important factor in attracting viewers to cinemas.

“The producer must organise a massive promotional campaign by taking the actors to various locations. This allows the audience to get to know their favourite actors,” he said.

‘Syaitan Munafik’, directed by the late Majed Saleh which also stars Faizal Hussein, Ruminah Sidek, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Linda Hashim, Nabil Ahmad, Bandi Amuk, Siti Khadijah, Erin CTJ, Reeduwan and Wom UG14 will be screened throughout Malaysia and Brunei on December 21st.

Edited by Mohd Letfee Ahmad