One dead, 10 injured as police open fire at protestors in Sri Lanka

A protest in Colombo last week. Photo courtesy of Sri Lanka Facebook.

COLOMBO, April 20 – Several local media reported that the police had opened fire at protestors in the town of Rambukkana, 96km from here, Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Daily Mirror, which earlier carried on its website and Facebook the report – which has since been removed and replaced with the reports of a new Cabinet sworn in – one person has died and over 10 people injured after police and protesters clashed in Rambukkana Tuesday afternoon.

The news site said protesters were seen hurling stones at the police station following the incident. They were said to have been protesting the hike in fuel prices.

On Tuesday, the Sri Lankan government said that it was seeking rapid financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Tensions have continued to rise in Sri Lanka as it faces an economic crisis that has raised the prices of fuel and food such as wheat while regular power cuts have been reported to have disrupted businesses and daily activities.