MOF considering eMADANI rejection appeals – Ahmad Maslan

PONTIAN, Dec 8: The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is considering the appeals of individuals whose eMADANI e-wallet credit applications were rejected, but are eligible according to the conditions set.

Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, said that the announcement regarding the appeals will be announced soon, with priority given to those who are recipients of the Rahmah Cash Aid (STR).

He said that the purpose of eMADANI is to develop the method of using e-wallets, so that the digital economy is practised, in addition to being able to help the people as well as micro, small and medium enterprises and the local economy.

“On Wednesday, the MOF held a meeting on eMADANI, chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which was also attended by the Treasury secretary-general Datuk Johan Mahmood Merican and me.

“We will make the announcement about the appeals soon,” he said at a press conference after visiting the proposed Pontian Community College site in Benut, today.

Ahmad said that MOF had heard the complaints of some people, who claimed that eMADANI was difficult to apply for, so a data comparison would also be done between the number of STR and eMADANI recipients to improve it.

He added that, through the STR list, there are a total of 8.7 million recipients and some of them do not receive eMADANI, so this group will be considered and prioritised.

“It is very exciting because the eMADANI duration is two months, but within a few days many people have obtained it.

“This is a new thing, showing that the people need it, and many already have the four applications. The Touch ‘n Go recorded the highest number of applications,” he said.

eMADANI credit registration and claims, which opened on Monday (Dec 4), is expected to benefit 10 million eligible adults, including the B40 and M40 groups, who will receive a one-off e-cash credit of RM100.

To be eligible for the eMADANI, applicants must be Malaysian citizens aged 21 and above this year.

Also, the applicants must be a recipient of the STR, based on records as of Nov 7, or earn an annual income of RM100,000 and below, based on Inland Revenue Board (IRB) records as of July 15.