Man with machete goes amok in Gopeng

Man goes amok on the roof of a police car in Gopeng. He is said to have become furious over an alleged theft of his oil palm crop. Police are investigating the incident.

IPOH, Sept 8 – The social media is rife with a video posting of a man on top of a police car with a machete and a sickle and apparently threatening the policemen trying to apprehend the man.

According to some locals here, the man is said to have become furious as somebody had stolen his oil palm crop. This claim has not been confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, according to a Malay Mail report, the 61 year-old man had gone into the Gopeng Police Station this morning with the machete and sickle and went amok on the road a short while later before being apprehended.

Perak police chief commissioner Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the man was later tested for drugs and found positive for methamphetamine and heroin.

In a statement, he related that the man entered the police station compound on a motorcycle at about 8am while carrying a machete and a long sickle.

“He then started to swing the machete and sickle in front of the inquiry counter of the police station,” Malay Mail quoted Mior saying.

He added that officers on duty at the police station at first attempted to calm the man who was shirtless and barefoot, and later called in reinforcement.

However, before backup arrived, the man exited the police station and walked towards the Jalan Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur trunk road.

Police surrounded the man to prevent him from escaping but he climbed onto the roof of a patrol car that was parked on the road to prevent members of the public from entering the area.

“The suspect again started to swing the machete and sickle while on top of the car roof to block the police personnel from getting near to him,” Mior said.

The standoff lasted about half an hour before the man was arrested after he was hosed down from the car roof by fire and rescue personnel who came to the police’s aid.

He is being investigated by police.