A colourful Sunday walkabout in Klang

by Nic Thehapiwanderer

What do you do on a Sunday if you have plenty of time on your hands? A walkabout, of course!

After a bak kut teh breakfast at Yeo’s Bak Kut Teh located at the Klang Hokkien Association, I adjourned to an old part of Klang near Little India.

Here I had a good cup of kopi-o at Chong Kok Kopitiam after which I had a little walk down the street to Teo Chew Nang Cafeteria.

On the way, I passed a street of umbrellas that hung above. And, there’s a new multi-storey carpark building along the road. Looks like there’s some plan to develop this quaint old part of Klang into a vibrant business street. Let’s wait and see.